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With our profound knowledge of the automotive industry, through the use of cutting edge research procedures and in conjunction with our long-standing experience we are in a position to provide you with highly specialised personnel consulting services that cover the whole field of recruiting. Rely on a high-quality premium selection process and win over suitable applicants by means of a professional approach.

Take the shortest path.

Every day that an important position in your company remains vacant gives rise to costs in many various areas – dynamics, efficiency, satisfaction and last but not least turnover. So boost the recruiting team in your company by placing our skills in Executive Search and Recruitment at their disposal. We are highly specialised in this particular sector and have continually streamlined our procedures in this respect. This is the reason why our involvement can significantly shorten the Time-to-Hire incurred in making a staff appointment. Save time and the associated costs by having us do what we can do best.

Draw on copious resources

The most important resource that we place at your disposal is a network of highly qualified persons in your branch of industry. Through our operation in the automotive sector we have been able to strategically build up this network in the course of more than ten years – and our network is growing continually with every position we are involved in filling. After all we are committed to finding the ideal candidate for you: we carry out market research which is thorough and tailored to your distinct requirements and in the course of this we talk to a wide variety of interesting persons. Thus before the shortlist is drawn up a multi-stage search takes place in which we get an excellent overview of the field of possible candidates. If there is someone somewhere who is eligible we know about him or her.

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Take the shortest path
Draw on copious resources
Get to know the right people

Get to know the right people

Alongside market research that is designed for the greatest possible comprehensiveness, we conduct exhaustive talks with the most promising potential candidates. When all is said and done, she or he must not only fit into your company “on paper” or according to a certain variety of search parameters but an eligible candidate must be a person who will enhance your team. By this means we focus in on the field and arrive at a selection of candidates who we put forward to you. At the same time the candidates too value our professional approach to them: after all an open exchange regarding expectations and overall conditions forms the foundation for a well-informed decision for both sides. In this way we regularly achieve an exceptionally high accuracy of suitability in the filling of staff vacancies. You are not simply looking for any random person and we aren’t either.

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