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Our focus: mobility

We concentrate primarily on future issues of mobility. In doing so we profit from the experience gathered by the company’s founder, who has worked in all aspects of personnel consulting in the course of his career and who has specialised in collaboration with the automotive industry since 2010. As a result we not only have profound knowledge of this industrial sector at our disposal but also have a continually growing network of professionals whose aim is to push things forward. Our motivation lies in the intensive exchange with interesting persons and innovative companies and in carrying out assignments in a socially relevant field.

Our motivation

Personnel consulting makes it possible to communicate every day with distinctly interesting and successful persons. Every single step along the way to a company finding a new colleague or vice versa to an applicant finding a new position has its own distinctive appeal. After all, in exhaustive talks it is not only an exact picture of a vacancy that emerges but also a picture of the fascinating company that is going to fill this vacancy. Searching for a suitable person for a job generally proves to be a demanding project in which new requirements frequently need to be taken into account and creative search methods are called for. When everything then runs smoothly at interview, we know that we have done a good job. At the end of a successful placement we are confident that we have helped our company clients to be better equipped for the future and we have opened up new perspectives for our job applicants.

Our promise of integrity

We provide you with professional support for crucial entrepreneurial and personal decisions. Above all we consider integrity in our consultations to be an essential part of this process. It is of no avail to either the candidate or the company if in the end it turns out that the person and the post are not exactly suitable for each other. So you can count on us not only to deliver meticulous research and a careful preselection involving narrowing down the choices available but also to provide you with candid feedback at all times. Needless to say, we equally commit ourselves to handling your case in strictest confidence. The protection of information concerning your company and your personal details is of the highest priority for us.

Our approach

We may rightly claim to have extensive knowledge of our sector of industry as a whole and in particular of our clients and their personnel needs and furthermore to provide a top quality premium service. Applicants value our personally tailored and professional approach, which, as a matter of principle, is not made until thorough research has been carried out. In our procedures, on the one hand we employ cutting edge software-aided solutions and on the other hand we are well aware of the fact that none of this can substitute for intensive personal dialogue and a personnel consultant’s experience, knowledge of the market and intuition.

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