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There are many reasons for making a change in your career and such a change can take on a completely different guise from person to person. On the basis of our extensive knowledge of the market with regard to the future of mobility and with the experience gained through giving advice on so many career decisions that we have already had the privilege of accompanying, we are able to offer you personal consulting and advice tailored to fit your individual situation. Profit from our comprehensive overview of open vacancies and our collaboration based on mutual trust with attractive employers from OEM and the components industry to specialised counselling firms.

Rely on expertise

Years ago we established our field of specialisation in the automotive industry and since then we have lent our support to numerous people on their way to finding a new position. In the course of our activities we have learned a lot. Not only about the companies who are active in this sector of the market and the developments that this branch has gone through and is going through, but also and above all about the complexity of decisions concerning personnel and the complexity of decisions arrived at by individual persons. Besides relying on our knowledge of the industry and working with our wide-ranging network of clients, we consider frank and open communication, considerable experience and intuition to be our major strengths. You can depend on our candid and honest feedback at every point in the recruiting process. Nobody has anything to gain from your having a false perception of what is awaiting you. Only if you and your new position really suit each other, will you look back with satisfaction on the decision you have taken.

Current vacancies

At present we are supporting firms in filling the following posts.

Take advantage of our knowing more than others

Due to our business connections to our clients based on mutual trust, we are in a position to thoroughly assess not only their specific needs but also the personal factors and the company culture which play an important role in decisions concerning personnel. Our knowledge of the market and our experience make it possible for us to find the right company with the suitable position for the next step in your career. Furthermore our clients have many vacancies that are never advertised. So profit from our insight into this concealed sector of the employment market and be thoroughly informed when you make such an important personal decision.

Your advantages

Rely on expertise
Take advantage of our knowing more than others
Join our network

Join our network

For many years we have been forming contacts to people who are moving the automotive industry forward. Our network grows with every assignment we deal with, because even if a person may not be 100% suitable for a position that is open at the moment, the next opportunity may be exactly what is being sought. Ties to successfully placed candidates often last for many years and very often it is these persons who later place new assignments with us. If you can see yourself involved in the future issues of mobility – from alternative propulsion technology to digitalisation, from sustainability to zero waste, then get in touch with us and become part of our network.

Have you been contacted by us?

If so, then you could be right for a position that a client of ours is seeking to fill at the moment. We do research with the help of a search profile that in each case has been individually tailored to fit the vacancy before we make an approach to you. We are pleased to welcome you to our website and to be able to make you acquainted with some preliminary information about our counselling procedures and we hope that we have aroused your interest. We would be very happy to explain our procedures in a personal conversation and, of course, to give you more information about the position in question. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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We are looking forward to our conversations with you.

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