Tomorrow's Mobility

The automotive industry is in a markedly dynamic phase at present. Digitalisation, autonomous driving and new propulsion technologies are defining competition and are changing the vehicle market. In addition customers’ behaviour is in a state of flux and regulation is being heightened. The success of mobility companies in this process of transformation is determined by their capacity for forward thinking. When the appropriate strategy has been determined, there is a need for people who are able to implement this strategy and to push it forward.

Giving shape to generation change

In the near future many experienced colleagues will be retiring. When they leave, know-how acquired over many years and a great wealth of experience will leave the automotive industry with them. Companies must prepare themselves for this transition in structure and personnel and they must work proactively to shape it. Of course, at the same time this situation offers opportunities for highly qualified candidates to advance their careers.

New players, new business models

Data and digital services are preparing the way for groundbreaking offers in the automotive industry. They are becoming a factor for unique selling points and characteristics and are essential expediters in the context of an outstanding experience for customers. It is for this reason that more and more new players from the technology sector are pushing into the vehicle market, while traditional market players are coming under pressure to conform. As a result more complex value-added chains are emerging, and likewise new business models and strategic partnerships.

Decarbonisation as an Opportunity

The automotive industry too is called on to contribute to the solution to one of the greatest social challenges of our time, namely making climate-neutral mobility available. Only those players who realize this challenge is an opportunity and hence shape their range of products accordingly will be able to survive in this market of the future and to open up new areas of business. It is power for innovation that is now in demand in this branch in order to achieve decarbonisation of the economy in the mobility sector too.

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These are eventful times for the automotive industry – challenging but equally, and above all, exciting. We are pleased to be on hand with help and advice for you and your company to find the people who recognize the opportunities offered in this transformation and who want to fashion the future of mobility.

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